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What Are Açai Berries?

Açai berries are 1-inch (2.5-cm) round fruits that grow on aAai palm trees in the rainforests of Central and South America. They have a dark purple skin and yellow flesh surrounding a large seed. Because they contain pits like apricots and olives, they’re technically not a berry, but rather a drupe. Nevertheless, they’re commonly referred to as berries. In the Amazon rainforest, açai berries frequently accompany meals.

To make them edible, they are soaked to soften the tough outer skin and then mashed to form a dark purple paste.
They have an earthy taste that’s often described as a cross between blackberries and unsweetened chocolate.

Fresh açai berries have a short shelf life and aren’t available outside of where they are grown. As an export, they are sold as a frozen fruit purée, dried powder or pressed juice. Açai berries are also sometimes used to flavour food products, including jelly beans and ice cream, while some non-food items like body creams contain açai oil.


What is the benefit of Açai Berries
  1. Very High in Antioxidants
  2. Boosts Skin Health
  3. Helps With Cognitive Functioning
  4. Help Control Your Appetite & Boost Weight Loss
  5. Stimulates Healthy Digestion
  6. Offers Protection Aginst Heart Disease & Diabete

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"Fantastic food, many gluten free and vegan options, also can get some low FODMAP (for example, tapioca crepe with vegan Nutella and strawberry). Served quickly and very beautifully also, must say. Recommend!"

– Anna Golovkina

"One of the best smoothie bowls I've had !! Beautiful presentation 💚 Friendly staff."

– Keena Duffy

"Was my first time eating tapioca, and it was delicious , the cheese bread (pão de queijo) it was beautiful. The staff was very friendly and kind!"

– John Lynch


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